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Cosmetics of Anacapri

Our Anacapri cosmetics line is paraben-free, nickel and dermatologically tested. It is suitable for all skin types, even for the most delicate ones, thanks to their balanced composition.
Our line includes: hydrating face cream, moisturizing body cream, hand cream, shower bath.

Flavors of Anacapri

Discover our love for Mediterranean
ingredients, such as the olive tree and the lemon tree, grown in our lands in Anacapri, to create products that allow you to relive the flavors of Capri. Both, the olive and the lemon are the protagonists of our shop.

Original perfumes of Anacapri

Our Original perfumes of Anacapri have an intense and enveloping fragrance, which makes them truly unique.
Discover the products that will take you to Anacapri through their wonderful lemon blossom and olive scents.

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